Exclusive Interview With Miss New Nigeria

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Interviews Exclusive Interview With Miss New Nigeria
MAR 14, 2020 LISTEN

Gorgeous, intelligent and intensely gifted are the few words that describe Queen Kubiat Timothy, Miss New Nigeria World 2019, winner. This gorgeous beauty queen from Akwa Ibom did not only win the desirable crown however conquered hearts still. Her honesty and quality is pretty spectacular. in a conversation with us, Queen Kubiat Timothy talks about her journey,

Can we meet you?
my name is queen Kubiat Timothy, 500 level law student and miss New Nigeria world 2019/2020

Why miss new Nigeria world pageant?
I believe Miss New Nigeria world is a platform to give back to the society in numerous ways.. also participating in it also gave me a sense of achievement

What's motivated you into pageantry?
Errrmmmm, I wouldn't really use the word motivate per se... I mostly liked the glitz and spotlight that came with pageantry contests. Being it however, I have realized that it's not actually limited to such surface activities.

Tell us about the obstacles you faced during the contest and how you overcame them?

The obstacle was at mostly financial and resistance from home .. however, after a little convincing here and there then I got a go-ahead and with the go-ahead came financial blessings. lol

What made your stand out amongst other contestants?

well, there were a lot of beautiful young ladies like myself in the pageant... I however believe what made me stood out most was the answer to my question which is seemingly relevant to present day Nigeria.

You can be honest about it, did you expect that win?

Well, I think the competition was really tough. I was very positive about what's going to happen next and I was really looking forward to it. So I can't say that I expected to win, but at the same time, I wanted to and I had given my best, that's it.

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What did you love about your evening gown?
what I loved most about my evening gown is that its blue in color... blue isn't just a beautiful color but it also signifies a calm nature which is mostly beneficial to mind.

How was your experience during Miss New Nigeria pageant?

The experience that I had gathered during Miss New Nigeria 2019 pageant was amazing. I learnt so much. I work as a freelance model but I had never taken training. I learnt so many things like, how to walk, the terms, how to give that perfect pose, maintain postures, my poise and carry myself in a way that I never had. Also, my level of confidence increased because I had never participated in any pageant before. This pageant has made me believe in myself even more.

how was the bonding with other girls?
I think I made really nice friends during this pageant. All the girls were so supportive and were really nice. Even after the pageant was over, they came up to me, congratulated me and hugged me. I think it wasn't just a friendly environment but also a very friendly competition. I really enjoyed my time out there.

How did you feel when you were called the winner?

I was elated, like I was so happy.. I just wanted to scream my lungs out .. it was a beautiful moment for me.

And when the crown touched your head?
I felt like royalty. Lol
What does the sash and crown symbolizes to you?

It's a symbol of royalty which is sacred and should be handled with utmost respect.

who's your role model?
*Catriona Gray.. I especially love her poise, charisma and confidence .

Has been a Beauty Queen ever clashed with your personality?

*No not at all..
Any message to all the aspiring girls who dream of being Miss New Nigeria World?

Just believe in yourself, have faith in your capabilities and also know your own limits and work hard for it. Be a very happy person inside, because I think that is most important. We should enjoy what we do and that's what I've been doing so far and maybe that's why I am here today. If anyone wants to come and experience Miss New Nigeria or explore themselves, I think they should come without the fear of rejection and give it their best shot, irrespective of what the results are and without having any kind of negative feelings. They should just come and give their best.