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11.10.2019 Nollywood Media

Snippets of the first ever OAPs night out party in Abuja @hootasrestaurant and lounge

By Nollywood Gists
Snippets of the first ever OAPs night out party in Abuja @hootasrestaurant and lounge
LISTEN OCT 11, 2019

In style talkabuja initiative put together the very first OAPs night out party in Abuja

The idea is to create the a movement for on air personalities, social media Influencers to come under a roof to celebrate and talk the way forward.

The OAPS night out which was hosted by hootas restaurant &lounge at wuse2 had in attendance Paul play IK daro, DJ barbie and the host of On air personalities like Big Mo of soundcity radio, maquin raypower, alex reports, prince Rahim classic FM Jeffrey Omoh talkabuja , jennifer maxFM, wale baba Jordan FM, funy bruno, mr white, kiss FM BIO,Blinkin,flora and rhythm FM wale, Ema bricks, barcity, Jennifer and vecta, cool.Niginfio and wazabia on air personalities was also present at the night out,

the idea is to foster a strong bond of relationships in the media to promote peace and unity in Nigeria using Abuja as a case study.

The talkabuja initiative put up this idea as not just a welcome development but a platform with vision to grow bigger in the coming days, the OAPs night out was a talk of the town as OAPs came out in style to celebrate the union and support the curse.

The on air personalities season one would give birth to a bigger version befor the end of this year

See pictures of personalities at the event

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