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25.09.2018 Nollywood Fashion

Actress, Rosaline Meurer Tempts Men on the Red Carpet (photos)

By Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo
Actress, Rosaline Meurer Tempts Men on the Red Carpet (photos)

Pretty Nollywood actress, Rosaline Meurer, is enjoying all the accolades and fun that comes with her job and trust me, she is not ready to allow it die off anytime soon.

A lot of people enjoy tends to enjoy fame and or the actress, it is part of what she has signed for. What has kept her in the front burner has been her taste for fashion and she does not care how revealing the cloth looks, she is ready to slay it whenever she wants to.

She was part of the guests that stepped out for Ayo Makun’s movie premiere and she left many staring at her beauty and what she was wearing which was kind of tempting and revealing but the show must go on because it is part of the fun and entertainment that comes with the job.

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