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23.08.2018 City Flames

Married Couples Cheats more than Singles…Moyo Lawal

By Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo
Married Couples Cheats more than Singles…Moyo Lawal
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Nollywood actress, Moyo Lawal, is not happy with the way some people perceive single people as she has emphatically stated that married couples cheat more than singles.

The actress claimed that she might have hot body yet she has been able to abstain from every form of illicit s3x and she has been doing fine.

In her words, “For some reason, people assume single people sleep around. Well let me shock you (not like you are not aware already just that we like to lie to ourselves). It is the people in "perfect" marriages and relationships that sleep around the most.”

Replying a fan who attacked her, she wrote, “I was talking about a topic very sensitive to me, this useless poster has absolutely, no idea how difficult it is to try to abstain as a very hawt somebody, responsibly.”