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August 14, 2018 | Nollywood Nollywood At Large

I Spent my Dry Cleaning Money on Nollywood…Producer, Ikenna Best

Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo
I Spent my Dry Cleaning Money on Nollywood…Producer, Ikenna Best

Nollywood versatile producer, Ikenna Best, has come a long way in the movie industry that today he has become a force to reckon with in the industry.

His desire to groom new talents in the industry was actually borne out of the fact that he was duped on several occasions while trying to become an actor which never happened.

He disclosed part of his life journey as he explained that he had to work as a dry cleaner to ensure that he achieve his aim of acting which saw him producing his first movie where he acted in a scene just to fulfil his dreams.

According to him, “This is when the journey actually started. I came into Nollywood to Act film o, I registered as an actor o but for two years, I wondered about but couldn't act one film. No one gave me the opportunity to do even one scene in their movies yet they ate my money that I made from my monthly salary from my part time job as a Drycleaner then in Lagos.

I spent money for two years on empty promises.
“Then I went for a two years break from nollywood, I raised about #2 .5million,then came back to produce my first movie "GIFT OF PAIN" and featured myself in just once scene as seen above to satisfy my burning desire to act. A movie produced by me,

Featuring @chachaekefaani @patienceozokwo @walteranga @babarex0 @jibola_dabo @uchennannanna @omannadi @nicholebanna @daveogbeni . All of them are Super Stars TODAY! After my second movie, I slowed down acting..

“That movie "GIFT OF PAIN" gave @chachaekefaani her first Nomination as Best Actress (nollywood reinvaded London) and was later premiered in America 🇱🇷curtesy of this hardworking lady @adaslimshow . Nollywood is not easy Biko nu and that is why I don't joke with upcoming actors I help as I can.”

Nollywood Nollywood At Large

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