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Mar 30, 2018 | The Buzz

Nigeria Woman Marries Boyfriend After 14 Years Of Dating

Nigeria Woman Marries Boyfriend After 14 Years Of Dating

A beautiful Nigerian woman has disclosed to the public that her boyfriend married her after Fourteen (14) years of dating.

She got married to her longtime lover she dated for 14 years. Well, It is evident that 'Patience moves mountain' and the 14 years was worth the wait.

She took to her official Twitter page @lilmatohbahdt to disclose it as many of her followers as well as friends were shocked at her revelation.

The tweet is below:
"After 14 years of dating, he came to pay my bride price 4 days ago #PJAY18 "

She was bombarded with questions by her twitter followers and a few section of her fans also praised for sticking with the man through all these years .

A friend of Lil Ma shared a video from the wedding wrote : " Don't invite me to yours if it's not gonna be this litty #2018 Wedding !!! God Bless your home Sis @ Lilmatohbahdt

Here are some of the photos of the wedding

3302018105018 lilma7

3302018105018 chici

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