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Actress, Sharon Ifedi Turns a Year Older

Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo
Nollywood Actress, Sharon Ifedi Turns a Year Older

Not many kids that have grown in Nollywood have had the opportunity of staying long in the industry as only few of them still ply the trade which has given birth to stars like actress, sharon ifedi.

The industry has the rise of many stars especially kids who are still do fine while some have left the industry to pursue other careers probably due to parental influence but for actress, Sharon, she has been getting the strong support from her parents and she has been doing fine.

She has been able to combine acting with school that both duties do not clash even though they can very demanding.

Well, growing from strength to strength, the budding actress recently turned a year older and it was time where she had to thank God for sparing her life considering the harsh working conditions she faces sometimes and still pull through.

Happy birthday dear, continue to grow and age gracefully while your light continues to brighten the world.

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