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My Mum Risked a Lot for me to Succeed…Singer, Terry G

Mar 3, 2018 | Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo
My Mum Risked a Lot for me to Succeed…Singer, Terry G

Singer, Terry G, might be making all the money but he will never joke with his family nor tolerate any form of insult on his mother.

The singer so much loves his mum that he does not fail to express the love whenever he gets the opportunity to do so.

His mother recently paid him a visit at his home and he never allowed her to leave without blessing him with prayers which has been part of what has kept him going and successful in things he does.

“I cannot forget how she suffered for me ...i know you can do anything to make sure me and my younger ones are OK, you've risked a lot to make us who we are today, nobody and nothing will make me stop loving you... Those who don't want you to love your mum ask them if they don't love their mother, hisses.... No matter the situation I go love my mama till I die,” he wrote.

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