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November 14, 2017 | Celebrity Gossips

Actor, Adeniyi Johnson Goof Around with lover, Seyi Edun

Actor, Adeniyi Johnson Goof Around with lover, Seyi Edun

Nollywood couple, Adeniyi Johnson and Seyi Edun, have become an item that cannot be separated no matter what is being said about them.

Since the two fell in love with each other, they have not been able to leave each other’s sight as they are always together.

Recently, they have been together in the US and having the best time of their life away from the regular location stress they go through.

It’s all about couples goals and these two have been treading the right part the best way they can. Although, their love is not accepted by many especially their fans but they have been able to keep a straight face as they continue to wax stronger.

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quot-img-1He who gives until he is asked has kept for long, but he who give when he has not been asked gives to the wrong person.

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