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November 7, 2017 | Music Releases

Burna Boy Gives us Gba With A Déjà Vu Feeling

Burna Boy Gives us Gba With A Déjà Vu Feeling

Afro Fusion artiste Burna boy takes us on a journey with ‘Déjà vu’ then leads us straight to the dancefloor with ‘Gba’.

Déjà vu is a mid tempo vibe song that describes the feeling of meeting someone for the first time, falling in love, and cherishing those moments. He sings “Déjà vu is how it feels, like we already fallen in love, in love, in love”. The track, which sees the singer-songwriter going in a more afro-pop direction, is just one of the two new songs that Burna boy has bestowed upon the world.

Gba is a dance tune used by the afro fusion artist to demand respect for his talent and works. Action speaks louder than words, he sings “Mo ti so fun won pe ki won gba, won fe gba, won a gba” which means ”whether they like it or not, they will acknowledge”.

The tracks prodcued by Chopstix sees Burna Boy display his versatility and uniqueness in this double release.

Burna Boy is definitely here to prove a point and set the pace as always.

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