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July 17, 2017 | In The Closet

Seyi Law’s Wife Could not Even form 3 placentas…Kemi Olunloyo goes Gaga

Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo
Seyi Law’s Wife Could not Even form 3 placentas…Kemi Olunloyo goes Gaga

When we say there is trouble then one will agree that there is truelly serious trouble brewing as controversial journalist, Kemi Olunloyo, may have taken things beyond boundaries.

There are limits to which one can cross but for Kemi, it seems she does not care whoever is involved as she is read to blast anyone that crosses her part like she is currently doing with comedian, Seyi Law.

Kemi has decided to drag Seyi Law’s wife into the ongoing mess on ground as he mocked the comedia’s wife for not being able to keep her pregnancy.

According to her, "Seyi Law calls me a "family reject". Your wife's body REJECTED 3 pregnancies. That's your family rejecting you via miscarriages KOO. Seyi Law says I'm ranting like a rabid dog. Has he checked his unhealthy fat daughter's resemblance to Droppy? Seyi law says my parents should have kept my placenta instead of me. His wife couldn't even FORM 3 placentas. Did you eat them?"

Seriously, this is way too much for a fight that it has to involve a child that knows nothing and a mother who has gone through challenges not related to entertainment.

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