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Nov 1, 2011 | Nollywood Media

I am a witch – Tontoh Dikeh declares

Tontoh Dikeh
Tontoh Dikeh

Hot Nollywood actress, Tontoh Dikeh who has been in the news the past few weeks over the huge tattoo on her back has said the tattoo has deep meanings.

The actress initially remained tight lipped over the heated controversy the tattoo has generated in public and media circles with many saying it has an undertone of the devil.

Tontoh Dikeh speaking to on the issue explained that “the tattoo took me 10hours to be done with, while I had a two hour break in-between.”

The tattoo is making the news because of its size – which has taken every inch of space at the actresses' back – and the devilish connotations the tattoo is alleged to posses.

Several interpretations have been given to the image which has her face, hair and hand 'holding' two horns.

When asked whether the tattoo has any undertone meaning she affirmed by saying, “yes, and it is very deep, I am a witch,” refusing to make further comments on the matter.

A source told Nollywoodgists that only strong people carry such tattoo on their body.

The person said, “you cannot see any ordinary human being with this kind of tattoo; this is what I know very much about. Though I am not suppose to say this, I know the society she belongs to, but I am not going to tell you that. If she does not take things easy with herself, she might not like the end of it all, that I assure you of.”

Tonto has since her 2006 AMBO days seen a very quick rise to fame in the make-believe industry in Nigeria.

She is presently in the United States for Damage US tour and she is expected back in Nigeria in a few days time.

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