Politicians Have Spoilt Our Stars—Zeb Ejiro Fumes

By Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo
Directors/Producers Report Politicians Have Spoilt Our Stars—Zeb Ejiro Fumes
SEP 3, 2014 LISTEN

Veteran Nollywood producer, Zeb Ejiro, has lashed out on actors who feel they are above God and neglect those that make them who they are.

Zeb pointed out that Nollywood has not moved forward because of bad attitudes of the so-called stars in the industry.

He revealed that the movie stars don't attend events put together by producers because they now get money and cars from politicians.

According to Zeb, “Where they get it wrong is that they see themselves above God, they see themselves above the industry. People who suffered to make them who they are, they dump those people, they don't respect them. You are doing something today, maybe a child's naming ceremony, marriage or whatever, they don't attend.

“They don't come, they don't need you anymore! Because the politicians are giving them so much money, the politicians are buying them cars; female politicians are buying the male stars cars, homes and what have you. The male politicians are buying the female ones whatever they want. So, suddenly, they don't need the producer anymore.”

“They can even make bigger movies than you now because one politician will give them N100 million and you are looking for N15 million to do a blockbuster. So, suddenly, they find out that they are bigger than you. Not just you; they are bigger than the industry.

“They start to equate themselves with God and forget that these politicians will only use you while you are the reigning star. They will flock around you for that period of time. Immediately somebody else springs up, they will dump you and go to that person,” he further noted.

He disclosed that the challenges faced in the Nigerian movie industry are politicians who jump at every stars they see.

“I know a lot of these stars that are now calling me to say Zeb, I heard you are doing something, you are not calling us. Why? Because they are not getting jobs anymore; they are not relevant anymore; the politicians are not giving them money anymore, because the politicians have now seen younger people that they are frolicking with. I think the banes of the movie industry are the Nigerian politicians. That's the truth,” Zeb disclosed.