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August 25, 2014 | Stream Insights

My Mum Did Not Know What She Was doing…….Sheyi Shay

My Mum Did Not Know What She Was doing…….Sheyi Shay

Wave making Nigerian artiste, Seyi Shay whose 'Murda' single featuring Patoranking is currently gaining massive airplay, says she plans to do a song for her mum who invested a lot in her pursuit for music without knowing what the future holds.

According to the artistes, “My mum did not know what she was doing when paying for my violin lessons, drama classes, allowing me to go to japan with my gospel choir…I will do a song for her.”

Sheyi Shay stated that wherever she goes to, the funeral song for her mother is always ringing in her head and she is ready to prove that she can actually become the best which her mother has always wanted her to be.

She further charged her fellow artistes to try and learn new things so as to remain focus and stay long in the industry where it is believed that men are the best.

“I work like a man, I carry the voice of my funerals in my head everywhere I go. I have a lot to show and prove being the child of a single mum, child of someone that does not have a relationship with her father. I owe too many women, girls particularly in Nigeria (and) I am proving that (girls can make it) in a male invested industry. Basically it's all about hard work,” she noted. “Stay hold, stay positive and stay fresh. Always reinvent yourself,” she challenged her fellow artistes.

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