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Aug 26, 2014 | Special Report

No Need For Discrimination—Reggie Rockstone Advises

By Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo

Ghanaian Hip-life Grandpapa, Reggie Rockstone, has disclosed that despite his musical status, he still has respect for other artistes like rapper, Obrafour.

According to him, some Ghanaians believe that since an artiste is higher than the other person, there should be hatred and no association.

Reggie Rockstone stated this on microblogging site Twitter Wednesday that, “Another thing I have noticed with a lot of Ghanaian folks is they find it strange based on the way they are that an artist can be a big fan of another!”

“Even at da peak of my career it was not a secret how big a fan I was and still am bout obrafour! I would introduce him on stages back then as friend,” he explained.

They think because one is in the same profession, you should hate on them (this is because that is how they reason) if I created hip-life, then all are Family,” he noted.

Obrafour, born Michael Elliot Kwabena Okyere Darko, is one of Ghana's most gifted rappers. His album 'Pae Mu Ka' released in 1999 is considered by pundits as one of, if not, the best hip life album(s) ever produced in the country.

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