6,000 residents may be rendered homeless over quarry

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Over 6,000 occupants in the mountainous areas of Otoase near Nsawam in the Eastern region may be rendered homeless because their settlement has been given out to a mining company for quarry.

The mining company whose name is not known yet is preparing to begin operations.

This has raised tension in the area amidst resistance from members of the community.

A planned demonstration on Thursday by residents in the community was stopped by the Police.

Queen mother of the area, Nana Awo Aboamah told Joy News' Elton John Brobbey they are being forced out of the community against their will.

She added the quarry project will be a great threat to the environment and their major source of water will be greatly affected.

She said if the project should be allowed to continue, then everybody in the whole community would have to be relocated, something the community is not ready to agree to.

She alleged that after some persons from the company were interrogated, they claimed the company is owned by one captain Buta and the NDC chairman Kwabena Adjei.

The Police have declined comment on the matter but the MP for Ayensuono in the Eastern Region, Samuel Ayeh Paye told Joy News two Chinese men were arrested and detained at the Nsawam police station when the issue first broke.

He said the bulldozer brought by the company to demolish the houses was also kept in police custody.

According to him, a planned demonstration by the people over the incident was stopped on Thursday by the police with a court injunction.

He said the people will take steps under the law to prevent the community from being taken over.

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