A Coup D’état Awaits Ghana If... – Man Of God Warns


The founder and Head of Glorious Word Ministry International, Rev. Isaac Owusu-Bempah, has forewarned Ghanaians about an inevitable political coup d'état which is about to sweep the whole country by storm if the Supreme Court of the land approaches the NPP's petition with a halfhearted attitude.

Rev. Owusu Bempah delivered the startling news on Okay FM's Ade Akyen Abia programme, when he pointed out clearly that there is a political coup d'état awaiting the nation if the judges presiding over the NPP's petition at the Supreme Court, exhibit unfair judgment.

“It is true God spoke to me and told me some unidentified persons were planning a coup d'état. I want all Ghanaians to be careful and all Christians should also pray for the nation,” he said.

He offered a piece of advice to the unknown persons who are hatching the evil agenda stating that; “if no human eyes have seen them, God has”.

He prayed they desist from their intended nauseating act in order for Ghanaians to enjoy the peace the nation is blessed with.

“For about five times, I have continuously seen coup d'états happening in Ghana. I don't want anybody to read political meanings into what I am saying,” he warned.

Rev. Owusu-Bempah called on Ghanaians to unite as one in order to avert the plots by the unscrupulous persons. In togetherness, he called on all to desist from tagging pastors with a particular political party because of the messages they preach.

“I am really serious about this point,” he told the host.

“If someone should undermine my message and joke with it, what I am saying (coup d'état) might take place. Precautions must be taken and it is only prayers that can solve the problem.

"When the Lord opened my eyes, i saw that a coup d'état had taken place in Ghana, the radio stations had announced it too, I heard gun shots; saw houses and cars set ablaze and people were dying and I heard a voice say to me a coup d'état has taken place in Ghana," he added.

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