Rejoinder: ‘Beware of NDC Propaganda’ - NPP Cautions Ghanaians in Diaspora

By Mensah Dekportor (Hamburg)

The NDC Germany communication Directorate wishes to throw the challenge to NPP against the statement issued during their so-called rally in Dortmund (Germany) as per Ghana web publication of 7th April 2012, under the above heading, was a complete misleading.

Here I quote “ the eight-year old rule of the NPP under President Kuffour brought unprecedented economic growth and infrastructural development and the introduction of various social intervention programmes including the national health insurance scheme, free maternity care, school feeding programme and capitation grant “

To set the record straight, NPP should not compare achievements of Former President Kuffour's 8-year-old rule with that of President Mills 3 - year rule. “Mathematically, one could not equate 3 years unique achievements with 8 years. However, the equation could best be matched with NDC 8 years' rule under Former President John Rawlings (1992 – 2000) and 8 years rule of former President Kuffour (2000-2008) respectively” the communication team stated.

They (NDC Team) further stressed that, in education, the NDC in 8- year old rule under former President Rawlings (1992-2000) effected the following remarkable achievements: They (NDC) established 6321 big schools, 6414 Junior High schools whilst NPP in 8 years under former President Kuffour established 653 Junior High Schools. The same period, NDC built 264 Senior High Schools and Opposition NPP built only 19. NDC under Former President Rawlings tackled inadequate logistics of the tertiary institutions and therefore put up 7 polytechnics, 3 public Universities as well as 110 Science Resource Centres all in 8 years while NPP 8 years under Former President Kuffour gave Zero!!

Other achievements included: NDC (8years) gave the people of Ghana, regional Hospitals in the Central Region, Brong Ahafo Region and Volta Region respectively. They (NDC) further refurbished the Efia-Nkwanta Hospital, 37 Military Hospital as well as Okomfo Anokye Hospitals.

The communication team further reiterated that,” Ghanaians have not seen anything yet. There are however plans underway under president Mills' Better Ghana Agenda to turn Mother Ghana to a modernized and enviable Nation The recent NDC Green book has been issued to confirm this assertion and to enlighten the masses about the unprecedented achievements of the present government”.

In another development, the NDC communication team on a political Talk Show program organised by Sankofa Radio station in Stuttgart – Germany, over the weekend (Saturday 21st April 2012) condemned violence and chaos in various ongoing bio metric voters registration centres.

The statement further attributed these unfortunate incidents to the electoral commission's inability to conduct adequate education through workshops, symposium and media broadcast and also the logistics being used were not of best quality standard.

“Despite all these anomalies, we're earnestly appealing to all eligible NDC members and sympathizers to dutifully register to enable them have the franchise to vote Prof. Mills to retain power in upcoming December general election” They (NDC team) urged.

Report by: Mensah Dekportor (Hamburg)
[email protected] Tel: +491759861348

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ATSU KUMAKO | 4/25/2012 3:36:00 AM
What kind of nonsense is this. In what way can Atta Mills modernise mother Ghana. Are you guys out of your mind? Seeing is believing, what you see is what you get. What Ghanaians are seeing today is whats gonna be there for them.There would be no change. No Ghanaian voter would vote to retain Atta Mills. Period!!!!!!!!!!!!! NDC TEAM come out with something else .Down with NDC, Down with NDC.
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