Just Go Away Papa Kwesi Nduom

By Say No To PK Nduom

According to the spokesperson of Kwesi Nduom his pay master will make his decision know this Wednesday (http://elections.peacefmonline.com/politics/201112/86363.php) 28th December 2011 as to whether he will go for the flag bearer ship of the Convention People's Party (CPP), set up his Nduom Movement Party or stand as an independent candidate in the 2012 general elections.

Kwesi Nduom is the discredited past flag bearer of the CPP whose fraudulent activities towards his Party's newly elected National Leadership has made him very unpopular among CPP members and Ghanaian voters at large.

Nduom is indecisive and a political prostitute as well as the creator of the infamous skirt and blouse of voting against one's own presidential candidate, then turns around to condemn his own handiwork when the seed he planted in 2004 bounced backed on him during the 2008 elections.

Nduom's political hullabaloo and azonto hip hopping with his sponsoring the NPP which bought him his various ministerial appointments is a clear sign of a man not to be trusted to lead this country or any political party.

This man whose own party do not trust him with the running of this country due to his fraudulent political and business opportunism and misuse of the Youth of this country with his manipulation and Machiavellian tactics of deception as well as identity fraud.

Nduom so far has not come not come out with any tangible way of solving Ghana's problems apart from touting his prostitution with his fraudulent work with the P/NDC and the NPP which earned him an SFO report.

We are expecting nothing new from Kwesi Nduom this Wednesday apart from his desire to destroy the CPP which he hates out of his frustrations of his inability to control the leadership.

From February 2012 we are going to show a five part series documentary on the true life of Kwesi Nduom from people who have known him from the last 50 years on all TV stations titled 'The Real Papa Kwesi Nduom, His Business, Politics and His Women'.

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Say No To PK Nduom
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Internal strife within a party turns to be the seed of their destruction.