"I'm Not Dead" - Prez Mills

The President, Professor John Evans Atta Mills, has dismissed claims that he went to Cuba during his recent tour of North America to seek medical treatment.

“l am not dead,” the President said on arrival at the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) on Saturday and described the claim that he had been to Cuba as the infantile imagination of his critics because he had travelled to the United States of America (USA) and Canada on official duty and as part of his annual leave.

He said those cynics who had made that claim would have done a lot of service to the country if they had channeled their “ wild dreams” into positive ventures beneficial to the majority of the people.

Speaking to journalists on his return home, President Mills said the visit abroad had been beneficial and fruitful.

Earlier, the President had been met at the KIA by the Vice-President, Mr John Dramani Mahama, ministers of state, service commanders, members of the Diplomatic Corps, as well as a large number of National Democratic Congress (NDC) members and sympathisers who stood under the scorching sun for hours to welcome him.

The jubilant supporters went into a frenzy, sang and danced when the Delta Airline aircraft carrying the President touched down at 1:30 p.m. Saturday.

Some of them held placards with inscriptions, “ President, thank you for your $3 billion deal”, “ Welcome, our father, Atta Number One”, ” Mills for four more years” and “We love you, Adwumawura”.

During his visit to the US, the President undertook many businesses on behalf of the country.

While in the US and Canada, he held a number of engagements, including a bilateral meeting with the United Nations Secretary General, Mr Ban Ki-Moon, at the UN Headquarters in New York, a visit to the New York Stock Exchange and meetings with business leaders and corporate organisations.

He also interacted with a section of the Ghanaian community in the US and Canada.

In Canada, the President held bilateral talks with the Prime Minister of Canada, Mr Stephen Harper, and also met a number of captains of industry to sell the potential and investment opportunities in Ghana to them.

However, some social commentators and stalwarts of some opposition parties had expressed doubt over the fact that President Mills was actually in the US working for the country.

They insinuated that President Mills was rather in Cuba receiving medical treatment and dared the government to provide evidence to the contrary.

But President Mills said the lies by the cynics would not tickle him but rather invigorate and encourage him to redirect his attention to the “Better Ghana” agenda which was yielding massive results.

“There are some people who want to build castles in the air. Don't agree to be tenants in those castles because they don't exist,” he told journalists.

He wondered how the cynics would not change the “Atta Mills is dead” mantra which had been over-flogged over the years without any positive results but continued to hold on to it.

Wofa Kofi Antwi | 12/19/2011 11:42:00 AM
Mr. President, who said you're dead? Say something better to Ghanaian masses better than this, I'm not dead.
By the way what did you bring from your 2 months 4 weeks vacation trip? Because the masses are suffering,period.
Nyevile, Italy | 12/19/2011 3:28:00 PM
Welcome Mr. President from your long holidays and the bilateral talks in America and Canada, believing that Mr. President has relaxed sufficiently to move into action now.
We in Ghana want to see the results of all the bilateral talks the President had out there to aleviate the serious sufferings of the citizens and not the I AM NOT DEAD talks. We are not interested in these wasteful talks, but rather we are more interested in what his travel is bringing into the country. He must focus on the BETTER GHANA PROMISE and leave these comments for so it has been with all.
Kofi Twentoh | 12/19/2011 5:03:00 PM
There is no doubt our president has personal health issues, but for the constitution of Ghana which does not insist on a clean bill of health certificate before embarking on presidential ambition, Mr Mills is basking rather in the glory of the highest excurtive office in our nation. Honest Ghanaians can testified that the president's health has rather improved tremendously since ascending the the reins of the presidency. Honestly he knows about the conditions of his health which rumour says started at Legon. But what I want Ghanaians to know is that they forget too soon because Mr Mills and NDC are trying to cook lemonade with this lemon of his bad health by capitilizing on the sympathy of gullible Ghanaian electorates. About 4years ago NDC spread rumours about Mr Mill's health: some disguising themeselves as the opposition created impression that they were saying Mr Mills was dead in South Africa. When Mr Mills returned from South Africa the NDC made a huge impact of his return castigating the opposition for saying Mr Mills was dead thus stealing a huge sympathy from the Ghanaian electorates: in pomp, they organized a big procession of sympathizers celebrating in town. That was how Mr Mills lunched his campaign for the presidency just four years ago. This time too they want to court cheap popularity by putting up the same staunt but I guess this time it was not too successful as before. Let somebody tell NDC that this time they were not so lucky, because nobody bought the rumour, but he came back saying "I am not dead" Who said he was dead? All that NDC could throw out this time was that he went to Cuba. Cuba or Bacu, our president has chronic health issues. I personally pray for his healing but he will be better of if he took a permanent leave from politics because his inactivity is openin up the door for NDC crooks to commit crimes he has to try to deal with later. Presenting there are two major crimes under investigation: The cocaine which turned in to Sodium Carbonate in a secured office and the payment of over $42million dollars for a cheap plank by an NDC bankroller. Is it the way NDC is trying to find money to pay for their new office or piling up compaign money for 2012 elections which they will lose miserably? Mr President if you had stay around I guess things would have been different. A cheap popularity will give you a huge headache. Now when Mr Rawlings accuses of presiding over corrupt government, how do you intent defending yourself? Please sir, just call it quit to say Ghana as you intend to. Welcome back but nobody said you were dead. There is too much corruption in our nation, please secure the future of Ghana because there should be some money left to pay off the huge billions of loans you enjoy soliciting for the children unborn
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