Kaneshie Market seeks 8 million dollars loan

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Mr Thomas Ametri, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Accra Markets Limited, a private liability company, owners of the Kaneshie Market Complex, on Friday blamed the delay in construction of the proposed multi-million cedis three-tier car park at the market, to lack of funds.

The company is now sourcing for funds to start the project, which has been estimated at eight million dollars to help solve the dual problems of congestion and sanitation at the market. Mr Ametri who was briefing the Press on the programmes to mark the 23rd anniversary celebrations of the market, said the car park would have a capacity for about 500 vehicles, with toilet facilities, restaurants and offices.

He said initially the cost was estimated at 6.1 million dollars but because of lack of funds to start it, the project was reviewed to the current cost.

He said a sub-committee of the board had been appointed to source for funds and "it is hoped that within the next six months something positive will materialise. We therefore appeal for fund from the public."

Mr Ametri said the market would also take delivery of heavy-duty dustbins to be placed at vantage points at the market and its vicinity for refuse collection to curb the problem of sanitation.

"Our clients would then be educated on their uses and how to take good care of them, because the issue of sanitation at the market has been a great concern for all, especially to passengers and customers who patronise the market.

He said since the market was sited in a residential area with no refuse dumps, most of the residents use the dump at the market while others just dump their refuse anywhere around the market, "thus turning the whole market into a big refuse dump."

Mr Ametri has therefore urged the authorities to assist with more sanitation equipment to help with the situation.

He said the anniversary was celebrated every last Friday of September each year, to afford the clientele an opportunity to interact with the directors of the market to know and understand one another and to exchange ideas leading to better management of the company.

He said this year's celebration would be used to tell the story of the Accra Market Limited because a lot of Ghanaians did not know the history of the Kaneshie Market.

"The market do not belong to Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) but rather to a group of companies, including the Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB), the AMA, the National Investment Bank (NIB) and the State Insurance Company (SIC) who have shares in it."

Mr Ametri noted that the land on which the market stood was leased to the company by the government for 50 years in November 1972. The market comprises three floors with 696 stores or stalls on the second floor, 534 stores on the first floor and 1269 stalls on the ground floor. Other activities for the celebrations include a durbar and an award ceremony for the category of neatness and regular customer.

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