UG Academic Board Confirms Revocation Of Haruna's Mphil


...Parliament Not To Punish Haruna For Plagiarism

CITI NEWS can authoritatively confirm that the Academic Board of the University of Ghana (UG) has indeed revoked a Master's Degree in Sociology it awarded the outspoken Minority Spokesperson on Communications, Hon. Haruna Iddrisu.

The Board is scheduled to release a statement on Tuesday, announcing the decision, which has already received wide media coverage.

A highly placed source with the Academic Board of the University, told CITI NEWS that the decision was taken after a heated marathon meeting of the board last Friday.

This was after traces of plagiarism were allegedly found in Mr Iddrisu's thesis, which got him the degree in 2000.

The controversial thesis was titled 'Sociological Investigation Into Bribery And Corruption In The Public Service Of Ghana'.

On Monday, Hon. Haruna Iddrisu, who is also the Member of Parliament for Tamale South, denied any wrong doing in his academic work, and hinted that he would resort to a legal action against the University, if it was officially communicated to him that his degree was withdrawn.

Meanwhile, Nana Bosomprah, a Copyright Administrator explained to CITI NEWS what constitutes plagiarism, saying that depending on circumstances defined by law, a person cited for plagiarism could face serious criminal or civil charges before the law courts.

In a related development,The Member of Parliament (MP) for Tamale South, Hon. Haruna Iddrisu, would not face any sanctions in Parliament, despite he being cited to have committed an alleged act of plagiarism six years ago.

Hon. Iddrisu's thesis, which earned him a Sociology degree in 2000, has come into question recently, after the Academics Board of the University of Ghana, Legon, met last week Friday and took a decision to annul his Master's degree in Sociology.

Copyright experts say acts of plagiarism could sometimes attract criminal charges and jail terms on conviction.

Armed with this information, observers have been speculating that given certain provisions of the 1992 constitution, Hon. Haruna Iddrisu could be dragged before the Privileges Committee and could even be thrown out of Parliament, if it is proven before a competent court of jurisdiction that he indeed violated the nation's copyright laws.

But the Chairman of the Privileges Committee of Parliament, Hon. Freddie Blay, in an interview with CITI NEWS stated that the MP for Tamale South has no case to answer before his Committee.

Responding to the suggestion by Copyright Administrator, Nana Bosomprah, that plagiarism could sometimes attract criminal charges, Hon. Freddie Blay also told CITI NEWS that he does not reckon that any such thing exists in the nation's criminal code.
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sirluk bondito | 10/18/2006 3:24:00 PM
pls, give us a break,they taken the his master degree or not, his still our Haruna, so is he the only mp who completed uG, where Haruna or this time,,,,,God will surely judge everyone of us...
Kwame Okoampa-Ahoofe | 10/18/2006 4:02:00 AM
The issue of Mr. Haruna Iddrisu's plagiarized Master's thesis is far more complicated than suggested by the news-story.

First of all, had his tutors and professors at Ghana's flagship academy done the work for which they were duly paid, Mr. Iddrisu could not have risen to the stage of being conferred with a Master's degree in the social sciences. Rather, the alleged culprit would have been promptly expelled from that august institution once it was determined that the NDC apparatchik was woefully incapable of demonstrating academic creativity and competence.

In sum, the discredit or palpable embarrassment must be equally shared by the alleged culprit and the faculty and administrators of the University of Ghana.

The preceding notwithstanding, one is inclined to quite plausibly conclude that Mr. Haruna Iddrisu's was a politically engineered degree conferral, perhaps one that was ordered by the only president in Ghana's history to have been honored with doctoral degrees without having even set a single toe, let alone a foot, in any higher educational institution of repute.

The latter possibility needs to be seriously investigated, particularly coming on the heels of NAGRAt's quixotic and destructive embarkation on an apparently indefinite work stoppage.

In sum, the Haruna Iddrisu episode comes hardly as any surprise, in view of the painful fact that the political party which the alleged culprit represents, the so-called National Democratic Congress, is uniquely responsible for the destruction of the hitherto high quality of modern Ghanaian education.

Kwame Okoampa-Ahoofe, Jr., Ph.D., Nassau Community College of the State University of New York, Garden City.
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