Persons Without Face Masks Turned Away From Entering Accra’s Central Business District

General News Persons Without Face Masks Turned Away From Entering Accra’s Central Business District
MAY 4, 2020 LISTEN

Persons without nose masks are being prevented from entering the Central Business District of Accra today.

The move is to ensure compliance with the ‘no mask no entry’ directives by the Greater Accra Regional Coordinating Council and Ministry of Health as a way of stopping the spread of COVID-19.

Security personnel have been deployed to ensure enforcement of the directive.

According to the Accra Regional Alpha SWAT Commander DSP Sulamana Sulley, security officials are primarily engaging and encouraging those coming into the Central Business District to wear the mask.

He said those who are adamant and insist on proceeding without the mask are denied access and asked to either get one or returned home.

“We are engaging the people, encouraging them to wear the mask and in a way, we are also enforcing it. When you are around this street, if you are not with it, we engage you, explain to you and encourage you to use it. Where you are adamant, we advise that you go home and stay. That is what we are doing and it is in line with the protocols towards COVID-19,” he said.

While stressing that commercial bus drivers must ensure that all passengers on board wear face masks, he said passengers without them will be made to buy one or disembark.

“Majority of the people are in support. When it is a commercial vehicle, the drivers are to ensure that passengers wear masks before getting onboard. If you are not wearing, we get you off the vehicle. For those who are on the street, if you are not wearing it, we ask you to go back, unless you buy and wear one. We are not making any arrest but this is for your safety and the other people you are here to interact it.”


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