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How Would Kwame Nkrumah Have Implemented The COVID-19 Trust Fund?

How Would Kwame Nkrumah Have Implemented The COVID-19 Trust Fund?
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During which time the pilgrimage activities to Goka every last Friday of February was comparable to the Biblical Pentecostal Day, (the very day on which the Disciples of the Christ of the Bible spoke in different tongues and won many souls), the prayer Camp of the late renowned prophetess Maame Sarah was bursting with devout faithful.

The sea of pilgrims goes as far as one can see them - in their tens of thousands at one count.

Such mass migration of people to Goka to have a bond with their God also brought with it additional benefits of making the holy grounds a business hub, and bustling economic activities.

Amongst the pilgrims was a patriarch who came with him his entire family from a faraway land to settle in Goka. No one knew exactly what ailment or calamity that brought him, but everyone knew he lived beyond his welcome. His life too was at variance with the values and conventions of the Goka people. He was used to merrymaking at the expense of others' pockets and never cared whether his family ate or sheltered. His children were out of school. As an extortionist, if one looks at him with pity and grace him with money, he's known to spend it on partying and gambling.

It didn't take long, word reached him that his mother, the only survivor of his family, back home, is seriously ill, as the only son, he's needed home to nurse her bedridden mother.

Dissembling, or so it turned out later, this man started wailing for the poor soul of her only hope back home. Crying as the men who do so when they have no money at the time their in-laws die.

Notwithstanding his abhorred lifestyle, the Goka people were generous to him, they, in turn, donated cash and in-kind to his journey back home.

Having his pocket swelled with others' sweat, he directed the monies to a different use in debauchery in the city, without even stepping foot at where the mother laid dying.

The mother died. It was reported of poor shelter, loneliness, and hunger killed her.

This patriarch knowing what awaits him if he came back to Goka, was not heard about again till today.

Today, Ghana and Africa are bedridden with a global pandemic novel coronavirus Covid-19. Philanthropists, institutions, and individuals home and abroad are donating to the governments' Covid-19 Trust Fund.

Inasmuch as the *One Ghana Movement (1GhM)* congratulate every giver for having a human heart for the vulnerable African, we still enjoin governments to prioritise what's needful with the donations.

Prior to the Covid-19 outbreak, everyone knew Ghana had more than two million housing deficit, it's not the different case in most African countries. When the lockdown measures were imposed, many people couldn't get homes to enter.

We believe Kwame Nkrumah would first care for the shelter of the wandering souls in our streets who needs the commonly known medicine in a stay at home, social distancing, and regular handwashing, battling the Covid-19.

If it's about for photo opportunity that donations are called for to serve cooked foods as ameliorating the suffering of the Ghanaian or African, then, as the disgraced pilgrim to Goka, the leaders of today are making our once noble land an object of ridicule in the eyes of the world.

Written by: Charles Yeboah (Sir Lord)
The Founder Of One Ghana Movement (1GhM)

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