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The Ghanaian Media Reenacting The Biblical Exodus

The Ghanaian Media Reenacting The Biblical Exodus
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There's this agenda being pushed by the media and it's propagandist surrogates that "we had a little over 1000 reported cases of Covid-19 before the lockdown was lifted, and since then, this figure has ballooned to over 2000".

Diabolically, this narrative is being projected to paint the picture that the lifting of the lockdown restrictions has been counterproductive, which invariably means the lockdown should've continued being in place.

But throughout the two-week lockdown, the media was always out and about in the slums poking microphones into nostrils of people and urging them on to cry of being hungry because they couldn't go out to work and earn money.

Now, when the lockdown was first announced with a 48hour grace period before coming into effect, and people were trooping out of Accra, the media said the lockdown should've taken immediate effect to have prevented that.

And trust me; had the lockdown taken immediate effect after the President's broadcast, the media would've been up-in-arms against it because it didn't give people time to stock up on food and other essentials.

When those trooping out of lockdown areas with a high probability of carrying the virus were intercepted and prevented from continuing their journeys, the media said it was against their freedom of movements.

After these intercepted travellers were brought back to their places of abodes, the media started the cacophony of these people being vulnerable and must, therefore, be provided with free houses, water, electricity, and food.

When these provisions were made, to a large extent, the media started screaming that the food being provided to these vulnerable was not appetizing enough and must, therefore, be elevated to the quality found at Movenpick.

Indeed, the narrative of the recorded cases of Covid-19 doubling because the lockdown was lifted, for me, is most senseless since any human being or group of persons with their heads properly screwed-on would make.

This shameful narrative being advanced by the media, visibly, doesn't have a scintilla of empirical evidence cementing the fact that these added infections occurred within the period of the lockdown being lifted.

It is now becoming evident that the media is bent on the re-enactment of the biblical exodus by the Jews out of bondage in Egypt where some bigots always incited the people against God's will through Moses, for their own good.

Newton-Offei Justice Abeeku

email: [email protected]

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