28.04.2020 Editorial

Deriding Covid-19 Fallouts

By Daily Guide
Deriding Covid-19 Fallouts
LISTEN APR 28, 2020

We do not want to believe that former President John Mahama wants to play political pranks with the economic fallouts of Covid-19 because this is a global matter impacting all countries.

Unfortunately, his remarks in the wake of the pandemic are heading towards that direction the consequences of which could be telling on his already battered image.

To state that Ghana's economy is on ventilator after a month of Covid-19 is to deride the government and seek unproductively to suggest that had the economy been strong, it would not have suffered the repercussions of the pandemic the way it did.

How sad! Former Presidents should be spared harsh words, but when they engage in such 'sharp teethed discrepancies' in their remarks, they leave us with no option than to shoot at their underbellies. This we can do with verifiable reminders about how they mismanaged the affairs of this country through international corruption, some of which are still smoldering.

Three months of gratis electricity to certain segments of society among other cushions announced by the President would not have been possible but for the existence of an economy redeemed from a long spell of mismanagement and thievery.

Ghana, like other countries, has not been spared its share of the hiccups occasioned by the pandemic being part of the global architecture.

Only hypocrisy of the highest order would, therefore, prompt a politician to ignore the potency of the pandemic, and its destructive impact on economies and engage in the kind of mendacious remarks the former President is uttering.

The gains chalked up by America over the past ten years have been eroded by a month of Covid-19, the near endless list of the unemployed a sufficient evidence. The fragility of economies in the face of such force majeure is something we should not lose sight of unless we seek to throw dust into the eyes of the gullible as the former President is seeking to do.

The US and others have found themselves in a situation which can only be comparable to the depression of the aftermath of WWII.

The former President should stop insulting our intelligence by the kind of remarks he has resorted to in recent times for want of something to drive his campaign.

The Airbus saga remains an outstanding subject which the former President has subtly overlooked, a minefield we would wish he discussed on the public space.

The management of our chapter of the pandemic has been one of the best in the world and we would ask him to consider it and be wise.

Even when the economy was dwindling at the time of his exit from power, a team headed by Vice-President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia reversed the negative condition, earning for the country international acclamation.

Covid-19 shall come to pass and we shall resume the phenomenal growth which has made it possible for the government to unfold the free SHS project and many more.

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