A Letter From Prison--Part 1

By Comrade Azeko
Letter A Letter From Prison--Part 1
APR 28, 2020 LISTEN

Dear Mr. President,
I extend my sincerest gratitude to you and your government. Sir, as

custom demand, I had to sunk deep my sorrow and still wish you well.

But all is not well, Sir!
Your Excellency, you may have difficulty recollecting the source of

this letter. But lets make progress.
My new home is very humbling. Oh! Okay! Someone just whispered into my

ear; "give a brief narration of your ordeal" he murmured. It was,a

promising Saturday morning in our neighborhood. Old and Young came out

to exercise, all in the name of "keep fit". Ironically,the loads of

carbohydrates intake afterwards, defeat the purpose of such a

strenuous exercise.
In the midst of this cardiopulmonary rejuvenating exercise,I heard a

call from two heavily built men in a Car inscripted National Security.

Immediately, the atmosphere became mute, I mustered courage to

respond, yes! W.O Yakubu, our instructor been an Ex services Man

understood the happenings much better and managed to signal me to keep

mute and wait for my lawyer.
They drove me away in a Rambo styled, maybe the first of its kind in

my Neighborhood. "Dwenewoho" is a suburb of the kintampo North

Municipality,where I was born till date. As the name suggests,we are

peace loving inhabitants. I could feel my heart pumps faster whiles in

the vehicle heading towards an unknown location. Palpitations am told

are symptomatic of pathology or anxiety related, like this. So I kept

my cool! Trusting God is in control. Memories of how political

opponents were muscled away and returned no more during the dark days

of history became glaring and frightening.
Dear reader, permit me to divert your attention to something equally

important. Covid'19 is not only a Pandemic, but also a tester of our

Health systems locally and Internationally. Indeed,it has also given

us,Golden opportunity to remember the existence of a supreme being.

Very unusual,it has shown the worth of sanitizers compared to anointed

However, Government's approach to dealing with this crisis is

abysmal. And the earlier the moral society speaks up the better for us

all. Sound bytes won't fix the problem. We have all the solutions

here. The only critical problem now is leadership. Don't just waste

precious calories to understand this. Do you remember the brouhaha

associated with the lifting of the lockdown? The social science

informed decision.
Whiles in the car,I had a fair share of how judgement day would look

like. One of the officers, whose name I stole a glance at read "Yaw

Hanson". He would repeatedly say, "kwasia" you think you can sit on

radio and say anything this time"? No way! This quickly brought me to

terms with what could possibly be my crime, Politics! We're faced with

the excesses of an elected tyrant. A night to that fateful morning, I

went for a political talk show and delivered to the best of my

On Monday, the Police will charge and prepare me for Court. Luckily,I

had a legal representation. So, I won't attempt to explain the legal

issues. But, just to relay information,I told my comments were

treasonable and I intended to subvert the constitution of Ghana.

Laughable, isn't it? The Same constitution grants freedom of speech.

So how come my criticism of persons entrusted with State Power be

misinterpreted in such a capricious manner?
Mr. President,my new abode is a learning curve. It's not surprising to

have read a letter of the late Dr J B Danquah literally begging for

pardon from Dr Nkrumah. Life in the prisons is a struggle. Every step

is a competition.
It is seven (7) days, and I can tell a day long story. Wait! This

must be a call for us to take supper..
To be continued....
NB: _fiction_
Author: Comrade Azeko

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