Building 94 Hospitals Is Not An Appropriate Response To Fighting Coronavirus In Ghana

Feature Article Building 94 Hospitals Is Not An Appropriate Response To Fighting Coronavirus In Ghana
APR 27, 2020 LISTEN

I listened with total bereavement and ridicule to come to terms with the fact that a whole president of a nation, having lost touch with the fight against coronavirus, has turned to engage in rather populist speeches in order to appease the disgruntled public who are engulfed in a state of fear and hardships following the outbreak of novel coronavirus pandemic.

While doctors and other paramedical staff in the country are crying for personal protection equipments (PPEs) in order to help fight the pandemic virus, President Nana Akufo Addo and his government are rather busy engineering ideas and policies that would give them undue political capital over their opponents. Otherwise, how on earth could a government that claimed to be bent on fighting coronavirus appeared on a national media promising to build hospitals. Is building hospitals an urgent need that can help fight the pandemic? Is that an appropriate measure as we stand now that can help us combat the virus? I ask harmlessly!

That the president has failed woefully to tell us what immediate measures he has put in place to deal with the pandemic is public knowledge! He has failed! Can we wait until the president builds the 94 hospitals before we can fight coronavirus in this country? No way! Like we would all get infected with the virus! Nana Addo must seek help from independent experts and the international community to help us fight this virus in good faith! The cases, following each time the president has given a state of the nation address on coronavirus, has consistently increased as though nothing was done to it.

I am worried that the president has continued to trumpet the fact that his government has engaged in a robust contact tracing and testing, isolation and quarantine as well as providing treatment to the infected persons. To this, I ask, how many people have you(government) successfully treated? Which nation is not doing what he(Nana Addo) has been trumpeting on? Is Ghana's case an exceptional one? How exceptional is it? Even if we are doing well in terms of testing, aren't we leading in terms of cases? We are the worst in the subregion with a whooping 1550 coronavirus case! This is an unfortunate and worrying development that all well-meaning Ghanaians must come together to help fight it.

In conclusion, President Nana Akufo Addo has proven beyond all reasonable doubt in yesterday's address to the nation on the occasion of coronavirus that he has lost the fight against coronavirus and that we should never take him serious anymore. God is our last resort!and all Ghanaians must turn to God to help us fight the VIRUS!

Yentik Gariba

[email protected]


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