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27.05.2006 General News

GCAA demolish illegal structures

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Accra, May 27, GNA - The Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), on Friday demolished a number of structures that had been illegally erected on lands belonging to the GCAA along the Spintex road. The structures, which mainly consisted of wooden structures, large metal containers and a number of houses built of mud, were demolished by a team from the Accra Metropolitan Assembly under the protection of armed policemen.

In an interview with newsmen, Mr Joseph Quist, Senior Supervisor of the GCAA said the owners of the structures had refused to comply with earlier warnings to quit the lands. Responding to allegations by some of the squatters that they had petitioned the GCAA to extend their period of stay, Mr Quist said the extension period ended on May 12, 2006 "Today is May 26th " he said. When some of the squatters produced receipts that covered tolls they had been paying to the Accra Metropolitan Authority for their occupation of the lands, Mr Emmanuel Teye Nuertey, Chief Metro Guard, AMA, said the tolls only covered the business activities they indulged in and the lands they occupied. He said the AMA had not collected any tolls from the squatters since they were asked to leave the land.

Some of the squatters also pleaded that they be given a little more time to leave since it was not easy finding a new place for their wares, which, provided them with their "daily bread".