Ghana: Youth Fights COVID-19 Anxiety With Self-Esteem

By Usman Ibrahim Khalilulahi
Article Ghana: Youth Fights COVID-19 Anxiety With Self-Esteem
APR 25, 2020 LISTEN

Fear, anxiety, depression, are drawn on the was-beautiful face of Precious, undoubtedly, from her look, one would conclude she has imprisoned smile since the first case of covid-19.

The night before, the 20-year-old Sunyani resident couldn't have a sleep, she was in extensive fear, as covid-19 cases in her country soar over 1,200.

She began planning for the year 2020 in July 2019, when she enrolled in tertiary institution to study communications.

Her dream of a ‘year of action’ came to a pause when schools were closed to halt the spread of the virus.

"I am distressed!" She confessed.
"My education was a key priority, I had planned it and other important pieces of stuff. I can't believe they are falling apart. It is getting me thinking if things will be alright again. Felt like I have lost the battle with 2020"

‘As I said, the event has been called off. I have sent your money through your mobile money. Have you received it?’

‘Yes, thank you.’
Amin Muhammad, 25, is an event organizer, he's conversing with a participant who paid for his event, "Breakthrough to success" that was called off.

"Emotionally, I am down. I make ends meet only through the interaction of people, my survival is at stake. I have cancelled my event and had to repay everyone who registered. the situation has made things difficult and I am deep-down."

He began planning 2020, in 2017, when he quit his high paying job to follow his legend of talking and writing.

He succeeded, launching his first book "Dream of a Dreamer" in February, he is despair, activities are stilled.

The world health organization has advised, minimizing watching, reading, listening to the news on the pandemic to reduce anxiety.

To these individuals, being aware of their strengths and weaknesses gets them to feel better and control of themselves, amidst the pandemic.

"I tackle every situation with high positive vibes. That has been it for me. I avoid anything about this pandemic. I see no good in sharing or feeding my mind with negative news. I have always reassured my self everything will be great again.

So to me, high self-esteem and being optimistic is what is carrying me along these trying times." Said Amin, as he beamed at me.

To Precious, reassuring herself everything will be alright, sooner later, is enough depressant.

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