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27.05.2006 General News

World Bank, GATTA To Create Photo Bank On Ghana

World Bank, GATTA To Create Photo Bank On Ghana

A National Photography Competition and Exhibition would open in Accra on Monday as a prelude to the establishment of a Photo Bank on Ghana.

The photo competition and exhibition sponsored by the World Bank and the Ghana Association of Travel and Tourist Agents (GATTA) is in commemoration of Ghana's golden jubilee independence anniversary as well as the celebration of 200 years of the abolition of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.

Mr Godwin Pinto, President of GATTA, told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) that the National Photo Bank would give people access to the use of pictures on Ghana on various websites, magazines and for other decent purposes. "Pictures sometimes speak louder than words and the exhibition and use of pictures on Ghana would also help promote the country abroad," he said.

The photo competition and exhibition would showcase time honoured rich and diversified living cultures, scenic and captivating elements of the natural environment and cultural landscapes, socio-economic achievements as a developing economy and smiling faces and warmth of the Ghanaian.

Other areas to be displayed include Ghana's historic relics of the early trade relations with Europe, colonisation and attainment of political independence, leisure, sports and recreation.

Mr Pinto said the World Bank would provide an in-house professional photographer who would be arriving in the country from the United States and touring almost all parts of Ghana to take photographs. Photographs taken by the World Bank Photographer will form a substantial part of the National Photo Bank," he said.

Qualified participants for the photo competition and exhibition comprise freelance professionals and amateur photographers, photojournalists, expatriates, tourists, students and people with passion for past time photography.

The event is also part of the "Golden Face of Ghana", a GATTA-initiated project aimed at developing and promoting safe and responsible domestic and international tourism in Ghana.

Mr Pinto urged all interested in the event to enter their photos and support the establishment of the National Photo Bank.