Brisk Business Booms On Non-Market Days After Bolga Market Closed

General News Brisk Business Booms On Non-Market Days After Bolga Market Closed
APR 25, 2020 LISTEN

A visit to the Ayia market which is the old market and the new market in the Bolgatanga Township, a day after the official market day, showed that there were brisk businesses by traders, flouting the social distance protocols for which reason the markets were shut down about 10 days ago.

Some traders in the market who did not want to give their identities said traders from neighbouring communities usually arrived with their goods in the evenings of the official markets days and waited over-night to sell the next day, a non-market day.

To this end the market days which come every three days have gradually taken a new trend since the off market days are becoming more brisk with business, characterized by the usual crowding and bustle of market days.

Madam Ayuriinga Nsoh, a visitor to the market, reiterated the crowding in the market and said “there seems to be a change in the Bolgatanga market day calendar”.

The Markets were closed down about 10 days ago by the Assembly for fear that traders were not adhering to social distancing and disregarded the COVID-19 protocols laid down by the President.

The attitude of the trader, the Assembly feared, would aid the spread of the corona virus in the Municipality.


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