Covid-19; Human Trials For Vaccine Still Ongoing In UK

Health First patients injected in UK vaccine trial. Photo credit fbcnews
APR 24, 2020 LISTEN
First patients injected in UK vaccine trial. Photo credit fbcnews

The first human trials in Europe of a coronavirus vaccine has begun in Oxford, UK with two volunteers getting injected with the new trial.

Half of the more than 800 volunteers recruited for the study, will receive the Covid-19 vaccine, and half a control vaccine which protects against meningitis but not coronavirus.

The design of the trial means volunteers will not know which vaccine they are getting, though doctors will.

Elisa Granato, one of the two who received it, told the BBC: “I’m a scientist, so I wanted to try to support the scientific process wherever I can.”

The vaccine was developed in three months by a team at Oxford University. Sarah Gilbert, professor of vaccinology at the Jenner Institute, led the pre-clinical research.

“Personally I have a high degree of confidence in this vaccine,” she said.

“Of course, we have to test it and get data from humans. We have to demonstrate it actually works and stops people getting infected with coronavirus before using the vaccine in the wider population.”

Prof. Gilbert previously said she was “80% confident” the vaccine would work, but now prefers not to put a figure on it, saying simply she is “very optimistic” about its chances.

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