COVID-19: Let’s Adhere To Proper Use Of Face Masks – Mrs. Jackson

Regional News COVID-19: Let’s Adhere To Proper Use Of Face Masks – Mrs. Jackson
APR 23, 2020 LISTEN

Ghanaians have been advised to strictly adhere to the proper use of face masks as recommended by health experts in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

Mrs. Theodosia Jackson, Principal of Jackson College of Education who gave the advice, described as worrying how people are ignorantly abusing the use of face masks and therefore defeating the purpose of using them.

She said the masks are meant to protect the user but it is common to see people are unfortunately exposed even when they put on the mask.

“It has become a common practice for people to pull down the mask when speaking in public. This is not right because the mask is supposed to cover the nose and mouth”, she lamented.

Even more disturbing, according to her, is that high profile personalities including health professionals who are supposed to know better are also guilty of the practice.

“It is disheartening to see people who are playing an active role in the fight against COVID-19 engaging in such unhealthy practice”, she observed.

She is of the view that these prominent send wrong signals to the ordinary people on the street that it is normal to wear the mask anyhow.

Mrs. Jackson, therefore, called for public education on the proper use of masks to ensure maximum protection of users.

This, she said, is very critical to the COVID-19 fight especially when it has become imperative for everyone to wear a mask in the public place.

She also expressed grave concern about how people reuse disposable masks. Again, those who use fabric masks likewise do not wash them frequently.

She said some of the masks, especially the locally made ones are sub-standard which only increases the risk of users getting infected.

“It is important for the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) to check the influx of sub-standard masks on the market due to the coronavirus outbreak”, she emphasized.

She said much as the production of mask is an avenue for local businesses to grow, it is equally important for the regulatory body to insist on quality in the interest of public health and safety.

Mrs. Jackson further counseled journalists who conduct interviews in public places to regularly sanitize their microphones especially when the interviewees do not wear masks.

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