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25.05.2006 Business & Finance

Ghanaian Small-scale farmers get breather

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Ghanaian small-scale farmers now have the opportunity to access the international market as a new certification system has been introduced.

The system was launched by EUREPGAP, an independent verification organization based in the UK which ensures that food products imported into Europe meet food safety and quality standards.

Ghanaian farmers have experienced difficulties exporting to these markets in the past due to the substandard quality of their products.

The leader of the Horticulture Exporting Industry Initiative Mawuli Agboka explained to JoyNews how the new licensing option will help open international borders to Ghanaian produce.

“Option two which is a certification scheme designed for a small group of farmers basically targeted as small farmers. Because of the holdings of the small farmers they are generally not viable to be able to undertake this certification scheme”, he said.

Mr. Agboka further explained measures put in place to take advantage of the option.

“We have come together to pilot a scheme where we will work together to provide training to organize farmers into a cohesive group and then also assist them to comply with the assistance of the EUREPGAP”.

NMC condemns use of vulgar language

National Media Commission not happy with use of offensive language in the media.
The National Media Commission (NMC) is asking media houses to desist from using vulgar language in their publications and their programmes. The commission says media practitioners must stick to its media operation guidelines.

Chairman of the Commission Paul Adu-Gyamfi says publications and broadcast stations monitored in the last couple of months point to rampant use of offensive and indecent language.

He told Joy News that media practitioners particularly journalists must help maintain the dignity and good public image of the journalism profession.

“The type of language used and the way the programs are presented need much to be desired and that is hwy we have raised this concern. We feel that the language should be polite and civil and that opportunity should not be given to people to misbehave. A step should be taken to effectively control the program that we present on our airwaves”, he said.