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25.05.2006 Business & Finance

ICA staff assaults GNA Reporter


An official of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, Ghana (ICAG), on Thursday assaulted a Ghana News Agency Reporter assigned to cover the Institute's programme at the Accra International Conference Centre.

The Reporter, Miss Joyce Danso, had reported for the assignment, but Mr. Michael Gberbie, a 46-year-old official of ICAG, would not allow her in because the hall was full.

When the Reporter asked for a copy of the programme for the event, which was the graduation and admission of new accountants, Mr Gberbie rained insults on her and then slapped her.

Recounting the incident, Mr Danso said Mr Gberbie asked her where she was coming from. She identified herself as coming from GNA and he burst out, "You people are found of attending programmes late. When were you asked to report? Go upstairs there is no place for you here."

Ms. Danso said she tried to cool down Mr Gberbie to allow her to cover the assignment, but he rather went on to rain insults on her.

"Who are you? stupid girl, foolish girl," he said.

"If you don't take care I will slap you," Mr Gberbie said. He then followed it with a slap on her left cheek.

Mr. Gberbie who was later arrested by the Ministries Police where Ms Danso lodged a complaint has been granted bail while further investigations continue.

Miss Danso who was given a medical form by the Ministries Police Station was treated and discharged at the Police Hospital.