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A Tale Of Two Medical Doctors

A Tale Of Two Medical Doctors
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The persons under discussion today are two medical doctors who are also Members of Parliament (MPs) for constituencies in the capital city. One belongs to the ruling Elephant, while the other is a member of the opposition eagle-headed Umbrella. The former is Dr. Bernard Okoe Boye, MP for Ledzokuku Constituency, and the latter is Dr. Zanetor Agyeman-Rawlings, MP for Korley-Klottey Constituency.

One person who has brilliantly explained the characteristics of the coronavirus and calmed many nerves since the deadly virus reached our shores is Dr. Boye. He inspires hope anytime one listens to his medical sermon as he disproves the doom and gloom theories.

He explained about a month ago that with a vigorous contact tracing system, the country's COVID-19 cases would be far better than what we were seeing in the advanced Western nations. For sure, his stance has been vindicated by the figures we are seeing today.

It, therefore, came as no surprise to many when he was nominated for the position of Deputy Health Minister by the President; so he could bring his expertise to bear in the fight against the pandemic. A very good decision, I must say, considering the fact that many have wondered why such a brilliant mind had been allowed to go to waste. But it is better late than never, isn't it?

He exuded confidence and a lot of wisdom during his vetting. Almost every idea he espoused was well-thought-out. He did not only exhibit 'book knowledge', but also displayed 'home sense'. One could also not help but perceive his modesty and humility.

The House of Honourables affirmed his appointment as a Deputy Health Minister on Friday. I have no doubt that he is an important addition to the Health Ministry, especially in these trying times. My hope is that he remains modest and humble. I wish him well!

Dr. Rawlings, on the other hand, has not been as active on the advocacy front as Dr. Okoe Boye since the virus arrived here. That is understandable considering the fact that her party is not in power.

Until a few days ago, I only saw her during the inauguration and subsequent press conference by her party's COVID-19 team, of which she is a member. The next I saw of her was distributing food to the needy in her constituency, an act which deserves commendation.

But before one could wink, she was heard screaming 'party card for food'. She claimed she was compelled to distribute food to about 200 'kayayes' because they were denied food by government for not holding Elephant party cards. The evidence she provided were comments from social media.

Very irresponsible, isn't it? It’s very preposterous to even imagine that one would go asking for party cards when distributing food to the downtrodden. Only a mischievous politician will believe that people distributing food will have time to ask for party cards in such a calamitous situation.

Having lived a privileged life since childhood, it's obvious she has not taken time to study the country's political structure. How many ‘kayayes’ in this country have party cards?

I'm scandalized by Dr. Rawlings' indiscretion. How could she ride on the back of patriotism and engage in such puerile partisanship? I'm being charitable because I still want to believe she is not as mischievous as most of her party folks.

Frankly, I would have avoided discussing her in this column because the Gender Minister and Paul Adom-Otchere of 'Good Evening Ghana' fame have already put some 'home sense' into her thick skull. But her call on government to investigate her infantile propaganda made me change my mind.

Which serious government would investigate an allegation with no iota of evidence? Which serious government in such a health crisis would waste precious time and resources to investigate blatant display of jaundiced propaganda and partisanship? Indeed, the Nana Dee government cannot waste time and resources to investigate such a Kwaku Ananse tale in the midst of this pandemic.

Dr. Rawlings, please produce one evidence and put your critics to shame. Otherwise, you would now be referred to as 'Zanetor Alakpator', to wit 'Zanetor the Liar'.

As was expected, the entire Zu-za family has jumped to her defence singing the 'party card for food' song. The party has even gone a step further to ask for Paul's head because he was bold enough to call out Zanetor for spewing pure lies. Ha, ha, ha!

Well, they can scream all they want. As for me and my compatriots, all we ask is a single evidence to support their Kwaku Ananse tale. Until then, the new chorus on our lips is 'Zanetor Alakpator, Zanetor Alakpator, Zanetor Alakpator'. Sing along if you can!

See you next week for another interesting konkonsa. Deo volente!

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