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COVID-19: MEMHREP & Feed The Sick Foundation Care For ‘The Forgotten’ Amid The Pandemic

By Barima Bempong Boahene || Nyce 90.7Fm
COVID-19: MEMHREP & Feed The Sick Foundation Care For ‘The Forgotten’ Amid The Pandemic
LISTEN APR 22, 2020

Caring is a fundamental issue in the treatment of persons with a severe mental disorder. The onset of mental illness in any family is often and understandably, a time of turmoil. Most families are ill-prepared to deal with the initial onset of severe mental disorders in their family members.

Families generally have little knowledge of the mental illness and find that they not only have to deal with the ups and downs of illness but also need to deal with the stigma and attitudes in the community. Caring can be a devastating stressor in any family, regardless of its strengths and resources available for coping with a family member. This goes a long way to disrupt the family functioning, affects occupational and social functioning.

It is with this need that the Mensah Mental Health Rehabilitation Project (MEMHREP) and Feed the Sick Foundation joined hands to extend a benevolent humanitarian aid to all vulnerable people in our communities and the mentally ill patients who have been neglected and abandoned on the streets. These two organizations for the first time took to the streets in Central Region covering areas such as Kasoa, Weija and Mallam Junction to feed over 150 mentally ill patients with food, drinks, and water in this pandemic of COVID-19.

Speaking to Mr. Adu Gyamfi, CEO of MEMHREP said: “the mentally ill patients who are also called “Nyame Adehye” forms part of the society, only that their sound mind is a bit challenged due to brain disorders.

He further added a voice that MEMHREP also seeks to end the plight and distress of persons living with mental illness as well as promoting mental health.

The organization is tasked with gradually alleviating mental health issues the country faces causing a slight abnormality in the standard and beauty of living.

Finally, the organization appealed to the government to assist their course especially the vision of building an ultra-modern Rehabilitation Centre and eradicating the menace of having mentally ill patients away from the streets, housing them, providing quality medical care, logistics and paramountly placing back treated clients into society. Its reintegration and resettlement plan is to help foster consistent and permanent health after intensive care and treatment.






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