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Tenants, Pentecost Church Laud Couple For Waiving 3 Months Rent For Tenants

By Samuel Dowuona
Tenants, Pentecost Church Laud Couple For Waiving 3 Months Rent For Tenants
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The couple who granted three months waiver on rents to give them some relief from the COVID-19 lockdown hardship has received accolades from her tenants and from The Church of Pentecost for their rare act of kindness.

Joyce and Peter Terkper own a multi-apartment building at Teiman in Accra, where some 18 tenants occupy 11 different categories of apartments, comprising of three two-bedroom apartments, two-chamber and halls self-contained apartments and six single rooms.

The apartments are all located on the top floors of a popular groceries shop called Aromatic Supermarket and Mothercare, also owned by the couple.

They also run a car rental business, and also rent out sound and other equipment for events.

Following the three-week COVID-19 lockdown, Joyce Terkper wrote a letter dated April 18, 2020 to her tenants telling them that due to the hardship the lockdown had brought on everyone, they had decided to waive three months rent off what the tenants are each supposed to pay.

She wrote that those whose rent is not yet due should take out the equivalent of three months rent and pay the rest when the time comes, while those whose rent is due can wait and pay the balance after three months.

Joyce Terkper said she felt the need to provide the reliefs to her tenants because she is aware the COVID-19 lockdown is hard on everyone, adding that, "I also feel it is my service to God and humanity as a Christian," she said.

She noted that if the president could give everyone at least three months relief due to the lockdown, "then I feel it is in order for people like me who are privileged to extend the same gesture to the people we can help."

Her husband, Peter Terkper, who is also an elder of the Pentecost Church, noted that life is not all about making money and that the greatest fulfilment in life is to help people when they need it most.

Their act of kindness touched their tenants so much that they could not keep it to themselves.

One tenant, Desmond Osuquaye said Auntie Joyce and Uncle Peter are angels and "we count ourselves blessed to be their tenants."

He said when the lockdown started, the couple invited them and told them they could get any item from their supermarket and pay later since they (the tenants) are not making any money right now.

"Auntie Joyce even gives us cooked food for free almost everyday and ensures that we maintain our relationship with God even during this lockdown," he said.

Desmond said most of the tenants are young men and Auntie Joyce and Uncle Peter treat them like their younger brothers, with great understanding and care that is very rare to find today.

He said the letter informing them about the three months rent waiver was the icing on the cake and they were so overwhelmed by it, "and that was why they decided to share the joy with the rest of the world."

Indeed the news got to the attention of the Pentecost Church and the church posted a flyer on its official Facebook page, lauding the couple for their kind gesture.

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