21.04.2020 Feature Article

China Must Stop The Racist Attacks On Africans Resident There - For Africa Is A True And Longstanding Friend Of Beijing's

China Must Stop The Racist Attacks On Africans Resident There - For Africa Is A True And Longstanding Friend Of Beijing's
LISTEN APR 21, 2020

The continuing and unacceptable mistreatment of so many Africans residing in China, in the midst of the strict measures in force across that great nation, in the COVID-19 era, is most unfortunate - for, it has racist undertones, which don't speak well of a nation that has been a long-standing ally of Africa, for decades: from the era of the Communist Party Chairman, Mao Zedong, till date.

As it happens, yesterday, I was privileged to watch a viral video clip of a Nigerian diplomat, accredited to China, who was berating an arrogant young Chinese state official, who had been called to the scene, by police officers, who had ordered the Nigerians out of their homes, and had had the temerity to confiscate their passports.

The incensed Nigerian diplomat, snatched all the siezed passports out of the hands of the stunned police officers (all in personal protection kits), who were lined up, facing the evicted Nigerians they were victimising, so egregiously, and made it plain to the young state official (who had obviously been called to the scene by the police officers), that the passports were the properties of the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and that under the Vienna Convention, siezing them was akin to siezing Nigerian property.

I kept on muttering to myself, as I watched the scandalous scene unfolding, that no Ghanaian diplomat stationed abroad, would ever go to such lengths to assist such resident Ghanaians involved in a confrontation with local police officers, who were being unprofessional and behaving unjustly.

Kudos to that brave and erudite Nigerian diplomat in China. It is yet another example of the supreme self-belief, which one finds amongst those who constitute Nigeria's political class, which drives Africa's many enemies, to constantly forment secessionist tendencies, across Nigeria - in order to weaken her permanently, so that her natural place in the comity of nations, as a global power, is never secured.

Incidentally, one wonders whether any of the brilliant young people, in the online environmental-activist-family, Eco-Conscious Citizens, can ever imagine our cowardly fence-sitting diplomats abroad, defending victimised Ghanaian citizens, in China, like that? No. Never. Our vampire-élites exist only to feather their own nests - and that of their extended-family-favourites and cronies.

Otherwise, why do the morons who govern our country, still refuse to see sense, and abondon the stupidity that allowing a vital watershed and ecosystem services provider (supporting three river systems), to be destroyed, represents?

Is it not just to enable China gain access to the rather poor-quality bauxite, which the Atewa Forest Reserve contains - even though it will destroy three very important rivers that are sourced by the Ghana Water Company Limites (GWCL), to enable it treat and distribute potable water, to over 5 million Ghanaians? Massa, is that not the height of foolishness? So why are they do determined to go ahead and do it, I ask?

Hon. Yaw Osafo Marfo, and Vice President Bawumia will be cursed by future generations, for sure, if that lunacy goes ahead. They had no right to go to China to sell the birthright of Akyems without our say so. The sods. So outraged is one about this issue, that were one younger, by now, one would definitely have overthrown the fools proposing this crime against humanity, long, long ago.

Be that as it may, suffice it to say that the time has now come for China to act swiftly,and decisively, to stop the racist attacks on Africans resident in China. Its officials need to remember that Africa is indeed a true and longstanding friend, of Beijing's. Hmmmm, Oman Ghana, eyeasem ooooo - enti yewieye paaa enei? Asem kesie ebeba debi ankasa. Yooooo...

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