20.04.2020 Poem

Politics Of The Blind

By Nana Adu Rockson
Politics Of The Blind
LISTEN APR 20, 2020

Politics of the blind--a baton handed over to us
To preserve, nurture and relay to the little minds
It is a heritage that must know no damage
Politics of the blind--a bondage one can't break

Even if they err and thwart our destinies
We must forever cling to them
We can't desert them
In bloodshed,we crown them
Not through war that makes use of weapons,but propaganda.

Politics of the blind--our brains are always confused

For we are always at a crossroad
And can't know the road to falsehood
And the road to the truth,
Our hearts bow before falsehood
Proclaimed on streets and screens
Because we are born into lies
Politics of the blind--we are assembled to stay in long queues

To feed the the greed of men through franchise
Men whose offsprings live in mansions
Men who never pity the society
To provide her basic needs
Politics of the blind-- We toil nights and days for men who never know satisfaction

For they always want abundance
Cajoling speeches they birth
To pull to themselves the wealth they long for
Never again will I become a prey on that day
To be whipped by the biggest light through
Her strokes of scorch
And the expanse through his chilled dawn dews
To place them who know no agony
On seats that often render them heartless.
Our politics is blind
We welcome woe when our needs for today
Are fully serviced.
Nana Adu Rockson (Modern-Day Poet)
Contact: 0247083128

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