20.04.2020 Article

A Specialist Doctor At Korle-Bu Reacts To Akufo-Addo Lifting Of Covid-19 Lockdown

...Mr President, I Beg To Differ; Thoughts Of A Zongo Boy
By Dr. Hadi Abdalla. Neurologist
A Specialist Doctor At Korle-Bu Reacts To Akufo-Addo Lifting Of Covid-19 Lockdown
LISTEN APR 20, 2020

Our colleagues are contracting the virus under calm conditions.

A young colleague almost died from COVID-19. She wasn't at a treatment Centre. She had it from a clinic.

We lost a colossus to COVID-19.
The fact that only 5% who tested positive will suffer severe disease does not mean that you will survive it. It does not mean that your friend, brother or sister will survive it.

We still don't know why some young persons without co-morbidity run a severe form of COVID-19.

My patient, had a poorly controlled Diabetes, hypertension, kidney failure, DVT and possible PE, spinal epidural abscess but she survived. We are told such patient do not survive. She didn't require a ventilator. We managed her with oxygen.

So you see, stop thinking that you will be part of the 95% who will run a mild course of the disease.

This decision by the president is very unfortunate. It may be borne out of economic considerations and elections. It has nothing to do with science.

Many members of Ghana Medical Association (GMA) have worked without proper protective mask. I bought my own masks.

I saw my patient at the clinic and not the emergency. Sometimes it's better to confront than dialogue. We relaxed restrictions when 7 more regions have cases of the virus.

We relaxed restrictions when we claim there are 18,000 samples to test. This decision certainly wasn't taken based on science.

I hope the reason is not parochial.
God bless our homeland Ghana and make her great and strong.

Humans build economies, but economies do not build people.

BY Dr. Hadi Abdalla. Neurologist

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