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Black African`s Problem: The Church

Black African`s Problem: The Church
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Covid19 crisis has exposed sharply the problems of the African mind. When a White Man (me) suggests Millions of Africans working hard for their money abroad sends part of it back home to support their families and societies (Ghanaians exparts do so each year with USD 3 Billion) but being even in general in State of the Nation addresses of their own countries been recognized with few words of appreciation but only Pastors and Politicians on the ground get praised and on top, a White Man suggesting a change gets insulted with the racial card played against him...than the Black Man has a real issue.

In Europe, churches are mostly public institutions with employed Pastors that receive modest compensation for their service rendered. In USA, Asia and Africa churches are mostly private. A man/woman feels to be anointed and called by God and enters into ministry. Preaching, Healing and Prophecy make some of them well known in and outside their own congregation and society. Lives get changed by them which makes these Men of God attractive to more and more followers seeing that a close connection to such a Men of God lifts them out of poverty and sickness. More and more money comes into the hands of the Men of God. They use it to grow their churches, social intervention in their societies and supporting their own church members. They use offerings and tithes to buy for themselves Rolls-Royce and Private Jets as a symbol that God is working through them for the benefit of each Church Member to be blessed over time the same way. They are of the strong believe they need a lot of money to impact their societies as money rules the world at the end of a church service. Unlike in Whites society were Intellectuals that can shake the world with ideas are highly praised and honoured, in Africa all it matters is money in the hands of a man to be respected; regardless of his intellect and integrity.

When as Men of God has all signs of richness Blacks people start complaining about him portraying him as greedy Pastor while others jump to stand by his side as a soldier to defend a Man that they see as King and the one and only that can bring them out of misery, unseen in Europe or USA where declared Saints are worshipped as anointed special people with the inner desire of worshippers to benefit from their achievements in life.

In e.g., Africa such rich Men of God get criticised by others for having symbols of richness asking for the wealth gathered in their churches to be distributed further in their societies and churches with the moral perception they should be all like Mother Theresa or Mahatma Gandhi in their works. How these Men of God spend the money received it is in their own responsibility when facing God.

Any human being is born free with a free will. No Man of God has the power over their own free will. They can decide for themselves whether or not to attend church, which church, how much to give in offerings and tithes. No Pastor puts a pistol to any church members head forcing him to do as he wishes. Attending church service and giving is by a free mind only. Whatever the Man of God speaks can be judged at any time by any human being accordingly to his own will; as the free will stands above any Pastor (which is most often human`s problem).

If a church member does not agree with the offerings spend by his Man of God he is free to walk away from that man and attend another church he/she feels more in line with...but without making big noise about the church left. This double face in the African mind is significant one more problem why Africans will not make it t rule the world as given by historic mandate.

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