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23.05.2006 General News

Apex Bank to commence computerisation project

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Accra, May 23, GNA - A 20 million-dollar computerisation project aimed at networking all the 121 rural and community banks and allied agencies to the Apex Bank and the Bank of Ghana is expected to take off this year.

The project, under the jurisdiction of the ARB Apex Bank, would raise the competitiveness of rural and community banks and enable them to operate at top level professionalism to develop attractive electronic products for clients.

Briefing the Ghana News Agency in Accra, Mr Emmanuel Kwapong, Managing Director of the Apex Bank, said the pilot phase had been completed and six of the banks had so far launched their local area networks.

He said the project would also enable the banks to provide the Automation Teller Machine (ATM) system services to clients adding "other products such as electronic credit cards would be provided as well". Mr Kwapong said the process had begun in earnest and the banking application software had been developed.

He said the capacity of the banks and their staff had been strengthened through constant training.

"The RCBs' capacity has tremendously improved and they are, therefore, in a position to bring to fruition the benefits of the project.

"The project will enable the rural and community banks to take on more businesses, drastically reduce delays in transactions and be able to integrate into the national payment system soon to take effect in the country."

Mr Kwapong said the ARB Apex Bank would continue to play its role of providing banking and non-banking services to the rural communities so as to improve their operational efficiency.