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Sighting Of The Ramadan Hilal (Crescent) 1441h (2020)

By Alhaji Alhassan Abdulai
Sighting Of The Ramadan Hilal (Crescent) 1441h (2020)
LISTEN APR 17, 2020

After due consultations with the Ahlussunna Wal Jama’a (ASWAJ) Hilal Committee, the National Hierarchy has concluded that the Hilal (crescent) will be searched for on Wednesday, 29th Shaban 1441 H which corresponds with 22nd April 2020 on the Gregorian Calendar.

The following arrangements have therefore been put in place:

  1. That the Hilal (Crescent) will be looked for throughout the country on the 29th Shaban 1441, that is the 22nd of April 2020.
  2. That (a) should the Hilal be sighted here in Ghana on Wednesday 22nd April, fasting will commence on Thursday the 23rd April 2020. (b) in case the Hilal is not sighted here in Ghana on Wednesday 22nd April but is sighted in Saudi Arabia, Ahlussunna Wal Jama’a will go along with Saudi Arabia and commence the fast on Thursday 23rd April.
  3. That should the Hilal not be sighted either in Ghana or Saudi Arabia on Wednesday 22nd April, a day more will be counted to make Shaban 30 days. Fasting will then commence on Friday which will signify the beginning of Ramadan which will correspond with 24th April 2020.
  4. That all regions, through the various districts, municipalities and metropolis should look for the Hilal as a religious duty.

Should any district/municipality/metropolis sight the Hilal, the chain of reporting such information dependent on the region will be;

  1. Upper-West Region Sh. Muhammed Gaus 0245634021

  1. Upper-East “ Sh. Usman Yinbil 0245585483

  1. North-East “ Sh. Mustapha 0246740400

  1. Savana “ Sh. Nuhu Kamagtey 0243014047

Sh. Nairi 0556955591

  1. Northern “ Sh. Ibrahim Basha 0244517651

  1. Bono-East “ Sh. Khalid 0243705387

P. O. Box NM410, Nima-Accra, Ghana. ص. ب. 410 نيما- أكرا , غانا Tel: 233 21 240911الهاتف:240911 21 233

E-mail: [email protected]البريد الإلكتروني

  1. Bono “ Sh. Ibrahim 0208235581

  1. Ahafo “ Sh. Ishaq Alhassan 0549564711

  1. Ashanti “ Sh. Abdul Razak 0207822860

Sh. Hassan Alfadlu 0249505783

  1. Eastern “ Sh. Hussein Idriss 0243505304

  1. Western-North “ Sh. Mohammed Nuhu 0544736407

  1. Western “ Sh. Ilyas Saeed 0245016457

  1. Central “ Sh. Moh Bashar 0262320433

  1. Greater-Accra “ Sh. Salman Moh 0244629814

Sh. Moh Z.S. Addo 0208110103

  1. Volta “ Sh. Moh Shafiu 0208181085

  1. Oti “ Sh. Abdul Hamid 0553631138

Any regional representative/imam who wishes to inform the National Headquarters with the news of a certified Hilal sighting can reach any of the following numbers;

  1. 0243586626, 2. 0244687477 3. 0244930324 4. 0208142301

I believe all regional secretariats will take note and adhere to the rules spelt out in this release. Thank you. Wassalaamu alaikum warahmatul-Lahi wabarakaatuh.

Yours in the service of Islam.

SIGNED for & on behalf of the National Imam

Yacoub Shuaib Abban


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