17.04.2020 Feature Article

When Will We Plan Towards 100 Percent Organic Food Production In Ghana?

When Will We Plan Towards 100 Percent Organic Food Production In Ghana?
LISTEN APR 17, 2020

As a wise and aspirational people, the question we must ponder over is: When exactly are we going to embark on emergency planning, for moving rapidly towards 100 percent organic agricultural production in our homeland Ghana, as a public health assurance-measure?

Ditto as a soft-option national security resilience-measure, to enable us have strong immune systems empowering us to better resist the impacts of sundry viral pandemics, with the potential to destroy our national economy, whiles trying to contain them through lockdowns?

As a people, are we not lucky to have Apostle Kojo Safo-Kantanka's miraculous organic weedicides, organic foliar fertilisers, and organic growth medium, which, if produced in factories nationwide (and the manufacture and importation of all synthetic pesticides and fertilisers banned immediately), will simply mean that all the foodstuff produced in farms across Ghana, will be organic, after the standard conversion period of three years?

And will that not make us a healthy people - and boost our immune systems: at very little cost to families right across Ghana, I ask? Furthermore, has the time not come, dear reader (in the super-dangerous COVID-19 era, in which we are now living), for us to end the egregious-stupidity of our too-clever-by-half ruling-élites?

Particularly, dear reader, when that egregious-stupidity is killing us, so-so, waaa, waaa, waaa, because an apparently unstoppable Obonsam-fireman-coronavirus-miasma, was let into Ghana, from outside our borders, and now appears to be slowly enveloping us in relentless fashion, even as we speak? Haaba.

To counter it, should we not simply opt to boost our immune systems, nationwide, by eating only organic agricultural produce? Fellow countrymen, and countrywomen, there is no more time to waste - let us plan towards the day when we will only grow and eat organic agricultural produce, in our homeland Ghana. Quickly. Now. Not, tomorrow. Full stop. Eeiiii, Oman Ghana, eyeasem, ooooo - enti yewieye paaa enei? Asem kesie ebeba debi ankasa. Hmmmm. Yooooo...

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