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Is The Imposition Of Covid-19 Lockdown Measures Indeed Working In Ghana?

Is The Imposition Of Covid-19 Lockdown Measures Indeed Working In Ghana?
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Today, (15/4/2020), on the Radio BAR 93.5MHz Morning Show programme hosted by Mr. Tony Good Jnr, one of the panelists made claims that calls for more questions to the presidency, the security agencies, and all stakeholders in this Covid-19 battle.

If indeed it's a global pandemic in a novel coronavirus we're fighting in Ghana, then it's time we've got to be true to our word when measures are imposed on the populace. To shield an omen of death from those under your care goes beyond oratory and intriguing alluring night broadcasts.

On the said Radio programme, without clarity and further probe by the host, the panelist said with an air of elitism with his claims that: "I've travelled to Accra and back here in Sunyani under this lockdown rules" (sic).

Do we understand what lockdown is? Do we believe in the severity of the virus we're battling?

What at all that demands movements in and out of the cordoned areas in this warfare that cannot wait or attended to in another way?

If indeed it's not propaganda, but the truism of it, have we seen the lethality rate of the virus in even the developed countries with all the best healthcare facilities?

Or those manning our boarders and enforcing the lockdown rules, are they by this painting to the populace that it's never true that about two thousand people died a day in the United States of America because of the Covid-19 outbreak? Or we've not heard the death toll in Italy, Spain, Germany, China, the UK and all those our development partners that the very success of our healthcare hinges on their decision at the boardroom?

Mr President, Nana Akuffo Addo, you're the man with the sword to lead our Republic in this time of war. As a leader of the One Ghana Movement (#1GhM), I've reached you many times in my writings with some considerations needed in your armoury for this battle. That of today's is not an exception. The panelist spoken about there said: "if you have genuine reason to travel, and you're in your private car, you'd be allowed in" (sic).

For this flimsy interpretation of the lockdown measures, this man crossed two lockdown boarders of our Republic from Sunyani in the Bono Region, i.e Greater Kumasi and Greater Accra.

When he first made the claims, I sensed those with him in the studio were taken aback. For they asked in a surprised anxious tones: "you did?"

One of the panelists went ahead to request for probity into the claims. May that be done with respect to our laws.

Yes, justifiably, they should not be happy with the drama unfolding before them. Knowing the disease is airborne, they're hearing for the first time that one sitting with them has been in and out of the hotspot zones, the epicenters of the disease outbreak. He mayn't show symptoms of the Covid-19 maybe as a result of his strong immune system, but has he treated fairly his associates in Sunyani, in the Bono Region, and indeed in the Radio BAR studio?

Between you and death when infected by the Covid-19, the experts say is a ventilator. We have a year and more ahead of us to come by a possible approved vaccine for the virus. Mr President, I'm hearing we're not having more than 300 ventilators in the country. Even those in the UK who have such lifesaving equipment in their thousands, I've read a report that suggests they need an enhanced ones that can stand the might of this novel coronavirus. Can we even hundred percent vouch for the potency of the handful we have not even to talk about its adequacy vis-à-vis our population?

Are you aware the experts and the rich in the West are predicting doom for Africa in the wake of the Covid-19, Sir? May God forbid that though.

I keep on saying it: it's in crisis time that a true leader you live your accolades. The stars shine at their best when the darkness is deep. The hovering clouds today over Ghana cries for your leadership qualities, Mr. President. We'll owe an unredeemable debt to our forebears if we can't maintain the noble name Ghana but make it desolate sequel to this virus outbreak.

To you faithfuls of the One Ghana Movement, my fellow Ghanaians and Africans, we're not in normal times. If the goldbar is rusting under the moist of this Covid-19, then what can we say of the ironbar? It's time we take our own security and destiny into our hands. Ghana and Africa needs you for a rebuilding, post the coronavirus pandemic. Your survival to be part of the rebuilding brigade is to religiously follow the lockdown rules even if not under supervision.

In Goka, we say: "som woho nny3 akoa".
To wit: "self-serving is not servitude."
Let's keep the faith in our God alongside the adherence to the scientific measures. Regular hand washing, good diets in immune booster, and the usage of the personal protective equipments.

Social distancing is not a failing medicine too.
To those at the frontline in whatever capacities, Ghana and Africa owes you a debt. You're the heroes that will be immortalised in the new history of the Blackland when we're led out of this uncharted waters. May God guide and guard you.

God, heal our land and maintain our history!
Written by: Charles Yeboah (Sir Lord)
The Founder Of One Ghana Movement (#1GhM)
Contact/WhatsApp: +233249542111
Email: [email protected]

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