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22.05.2006 Business & Finance

Newmont retrench workforce


About 1,400 out of the 3,500 workers employed by the management of Newmont Ghana Gold Limited at its construction site in the Brong Ahafo region have been retrenched. However, the company is expected to employ about 1,000 workers locally when it begins production in July this year.

Mr Colin Maddocks, Manager, Learning and Development Department of the company, disclosed this at a workers' forum organised by the company to discuss the future of the retrenched workers at Ntotroso at the weekend.

They were drawn from Yamfo, Susuano, Ntotroso, Tanoso and Adrobea. Mr Maddocks, expressed appreciation to the workers for their dedication to the ideals and values of the company. He advised the retrenched workers to utilise skills acquired in their future endeavours and for the benefit of their communities. Mr Maddocks reiterated the company's commitment to partner local communities for their mutual benefits and sustainable development of mining areas.

Mr Kwesi Acheampong, an official of the Business Advisory Centre at Kenyasi, advised the retrenched workers to take up business opportunities in small-scale industries.

He gave the assurance that the Centre, was prepared to offer advice and training to prospective entrepreneurs in grasscutter rearing, beads making, mushroom farming, management development, credit management, counselling and business management.

In another development, Mr Dave Ingle, General Manager of the company at a press soiree organised in Sunyani, said the company was committed to maximize local business opportunities in their operations and several contracts had already been awarded.

He was optimistic that the contracts would provide significant business development and employment opportunities for the retrenched workers.