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The Threats Of COVID-19 Pandemic To Africans Brings Back The Memory Of Kwame Nkrumah

The Threats Of COVID-19 Pandemic To Africans Brings Back The Memory Of Kwame Nkrumah
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In my native Goka there's a popular folklore that speaks about a bird, kite, that denounced the friendship and company of its kind in feathered animals and chose the companionship of the goldfish, who lives in water.

The kite will fly every morning to the lakeside that have in its waters the goldfish. These unnatural friends will discuss everything concerning their happiness and sorrows. The kite returns home to its nest in the evening from on top of the tree stump it stays daily to have a conversation with the friend when hunger and sleep beckons.

The beauty of the goldfish alone kept the kite inseparable from the presence of this fish that glows with richness in adorned golden jewelry.

One day, the kite brought not good news from the feather's camp to the friend goldfish as it did always with gossip tales to malign the family of birds for good laughter. This time, it was the announcement of its bereavement. The mother kite has passed on. All friends and sympathisers are invited to make the funeral of mother kite a memorable one. Goldfish is expected there to mourn with the friend and show to the feather family why the kite never missed it visiting the lakeside.

As obvious, goldfish couldn't leave the water to attend the funeral. The kite was lonely and friendless throughout the funeral ceremony, and couldn't make use of all the goldbars donations by the friend goldfish, since none was there to sing its praisesongs or wipe the tears as seen at Akan funerals.

Whom do you choose as a friend? Will that friend be there to serve your interest at all times?

When Kwame Nkrumah delivered his prophetic message of "Ghana's independence is meaningless unless it's linked to the total liberation of Africa" at the dawn of Ghana's independence, none thought and worked towards its realisation. Africa remained divided with artificial barriers. Nkrumah died without realising the true meaning of African unity. The AU only exists nominally, and is puppeteered by the imperialists and the neocolonialists to only exploit the vast resources of mother Africa.

From outside, the West and the East see Africa as one continent with one people of a common destiny. Within Africa, the picture is different. In our individual states in balkanised Africa, we embrace the Whitman than our own black skin. We make friends with the whiteman than we would with the man we share the same blood and skin.

Today, barriers are closed, none traverse continents for healthcare or sightseeing. We're locked down in our homes, in our countries, in our continents. Fight yourself out of a global pandemic in a disease outbreak.

In China, the birthplace of the Coronavirus COVID-19, our African brethren are now persecuted there with the excuse that Africans are bringing back the disease they not long ago flattened its soared curve.

This claim the Chinese justify by citing example in some Nigerians who ran away from a mandatory quarantine.

Since they're of coloured, all black people in China are stereotyped and hounded. Some are ejected from their homes. Others are molested and taken advantage of in the streets.

When Ebola virus broke out in our nose here in Guinea, it couldn't travel to all corners of the African continent as doing the China's Coronavirus today. My home country Ghana didn't register even one Ebola case. In COVID-19, Ghana has recorded over 600 cases with eight deaths as at 14th April 2020.

Africa never dreams to be united in the true meaning of the word. Our resources are never collated to serve the interest of the African.

As a leader of the One Ghana Movement (#1GhM), I've said it severally that Ghana should exit the African Union and build the empire that would seduce the African leaders who will love our ways and join our Union. The Union that Kwame Nkrumah envisaged and saw as the only conveyor belt to propel us to the Paradise status deserving of the continent vis-à-vis our bequeathed resources.

Africa should not sojourn through and out the apocalyptic posturing of COVID-19 without any lessons learnt.

Our way of making friends should change. Our way of utilising our resources should change. And to whom we lease our land should change also.

It's time we cease giving out freely our precious minerals and expect handouts under the guise of donations.

The rich whiteman at the expense of our betters see we Africans as one people today. And from Bill Gate in America to Jack Ma in China, they predict doom ahead of Africa in the COVID-19 outbreak. They project we should expect casualties in our millions.

This tells us how their donations in equipments to fight the virus should be taken with a pinch of salt.

We have the capacity and capabilities, Africa should build our own. Let's remember the reason behind Nkrumah's Africa's emancipation and unity clarion call. It was for we Africans to have our own identity and personality.

Since crisis is not only meant to kill dreams, let the COVID-19 pandemic awake Africa from slumber with tales to tell about Kwame Nkrumah's African unity dream.

God, heal our land!
Long live Africa!
Written by: Charles Yeboah (Sir Lord)
The Founder Of One Ghana Movement (#1GhM)
Contact/WhatsApp: +233249542111
Email: [email protected]

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