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22.05.2006 Business & Finance

Our Company And Oil

By C.S. Buabeng
Our Company And Oil

Oil, almighty oil can create a scene. It can compel the usually gentleman to go to town. It is so when some members of staff of our company, Ghana Incorporated, do not understand why there should be increases in prices of fuel in the company.

I was surprised to hear the normally calm director of finance and planning of Ghana Inc. dare some members of staff to come for an open debate on fuel increases.

All the same the Asante Akyem accountant has thrown the challenge and we hope that it will come on so that all those standing by will watch how it will go.

The stark truth is that whether we like it or not, our company cannot do without fuel, since we have not been able to tap the given solar energy that we have.

We are patiently waiting for the day that we will strike the “black gold”, the lack of which has put the economies of many firms in jeopardy.

Any management team that wants to avoid the operations of the company grinding to a halt will certainly go all out to ensure that the stock of oil does not run out.

It is important that if some members of staff want to lead luxurious lives, then they must be prepared to pay for them.

The frequent users of vehicles will have to pay more for the taxes that are in the fuel prices.

Some members of staff say they do not have a problem if the taxes will help feed the young ones in the various schools or if the urban poor could send their young ones to school instead of sending them to farm or having them do other things other than education at tender age.

It seems to me that all of us in Ghana Incorporated have come to the understanding that training is the mainspring on which the development and growth of our company will be based. Consequently, if there are steps that will sustain that noble path, then it must receive the support of all.

It is clear that many members of staff will not support the idea of giving a kind of subsidy for the well to do in the company at the expense of the poor.

Again, if that is what will enable members to ensure that the young ones are not malnourished and have the peace of mind to concentrate on what they are taught at the training units, why not?

Many are those who would like to see that the subsidy goes to the poor and not the rich. This is a laudable idea, but this means that we should have a system by which we can ensure it.

However, this is not easy because whatever accrues to the nation from taxes are meant for the welfare of all.

We should rather appreciate the fact that in most cases the rich pay more taxes as they spend more than the poor, especially on luxurious goods and services.